WittyCookie's Trial Experience

Improving WittyCookie's trial experience for customers


WittyCookie wanted me to improve their old trial experience page. Clients who want to sign up are often still unsure or in the dark as their old page does not really explain in detail what happens during their 14 day trial. Clients are also unaware of all the advantages and benefits WittyCookie offers as they sign up. It was my duty to communicate these points effectively towards the end user.


  • Increase sign up conversions and contact form submissions through the new redesigned trial page.
  • Delivering a timeline of what to expect during a client's trial and what to expect.
  • To communicate effectively and efficiently of what WittyCookie can offer and benefit for their clients who sign up.


  • Staying true to WittyCookie's present web experience - we did not want to go overboard with the new design. The new trial experience had to use the current WittyCookie style and format.
  • This was a project that was only allocated of only two weeks. Both design and development had to be done in those short span.
  • Finding an effective way to communicate trial expectations and benefits within a single page.


  • A wireframe was mocked up, we went through 5 different timeline concepts but decided on this one due to the clarity and straightforward delivery of the timeline.
  • A header image to gain the user's interest is implemented, by doing so we want to emphasize the timeline of what to expect during a client's trial. The timeline consists of what happens during when, and their signature "unlimited updates".
  • WittyCookie started an "add-on" plan mid-way while we were constructing through the new trial experience. The solution was to have the "add-on" and regular plan side by side. With a different box and font colour contrast, the user can differenciate between the two plans easily and see the advantages.
  • We talked about wanting to promote WittyCookie's "all-inclusive" advantage and model. My solution was to have several quick short points supported with icons to illustrate and deliver what the "all-inclusive" benefit is all about.
  • Lastly, 3 different point of contacting mediums. Note that this was designed in order of an ascending contact reaches. They would get phone calls the most, chat second, and e-mail last.

  • Visit the old trial page

  • Medium fidelity of the new trial page. Note that this plan has the contrasting boxes of which compares and contrast with the "add-on" plan.

  • View the high fidelity

  • Darker background colours were used for WittyCookie's premium plans.

  • View the high fidelity


  • Increased conversion rate by 73.89% success rate on the revamped trial experience page compared to its old page.
  • Innovated client’s trial experience (reduced cost and expenses with a 95% approval rate from clients.
  • Clients have been proven to further understand WittyCookie's advantages and what to expect during their trial as compared to before.
  • Successfuly manage to both design and develop the new trial page within two weeks.