WittyCookie Website Redesign

Redesigning WittyCookie's old website with a brand new approach


WittyCookie assigned me to redesign their old website into something much more than what it currently was. They often get clients who are still unsure about what the company really offers in services or products and what exactly are the benefits and perks of WittyCookie. This was due to the lack of clarity and delivery in both UI and UX aspects of the website. Thus I had a mission to help re-invent WittyCookie's new website.


  • Translating WittyCookie's identity, story, and business model in a straightforward delivery.
  • Re-defining WittyCookie's old user experience into something much more transparent and intuitive for clients.
  • Increasing conversion and contact forms with the new redesign.
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  • Compiling all of WittyCookie's benefits, advantages, perks, etc. altogether into a seamless experience with the new redesign.
  • Staying true to WittyCookie's identity without losing itself with the redesign.
  • Communicating with brevity of what WittyCookie is primarily offering throughout different pages of the website experience.


  • A brand new landing page incetivizes the user to take a tour. By doing so, the user can learn about what WittyCookie offers and provides in one single page.

  • The tour page itself explains why and what WittyCookie offers, examples of their work, where they've been featured on for credibility, and their signature "all-inclusive" model and "unlimited updates".

  • Redesigned client page which tailors to different industries of the industry. This translates to its ability to cater different target audiences such as: restaurant owners, startups, and more in a card-sorted UI. Each audiences are also colour coded - the idea is a filterization card sorting system when different industries are clicked.

  • A new pricing page which explains to the user what packages are offered with the different pricing plans using a card-sorted UI once again to keep it consistent. Then, emphasis on WittyCookie's values and perks are introduced. A contact form at the very bottom which is mocked up as to be typable is for the user if they are wanting to enquire further.

  • The SEO page is quite similar to the pricing page, except the user is educated on what SEO is and why it's beneficial.