WittyCookie's Clients and Social Media

Other projects done during my time with WittyCookie


Below are various of different work I've done with WittyCookie. This included website designs, social media marketing graphic designs, to even designing a responsive shut down page for their clients.

Website Mock-ups for Clients

Click on their names below to view the websites.

  1. Regency Group
  2. Shannon Properties
  3. Breakfast Courier (Online Ordering UI/UX)
  4. Mercy Ships
  5. Cit-E-Cycles
  6. SanGroup Inc.
  7. BME Concern
  8. Altimus

Shut Down Page

A shutdown page for WittyCookie's clients for their website when the development team are fixing bugs on their website or clients who are no longer with WittyCookie. Both design and development of the page was done by myself, built fully responsive.

View the high fidelity

Social Media Marketing Graphics

These were graphics done for WittyCookie's social media marketing campaigns through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. All concepts and design were done by myself.


  • Increased website's by 47.32% resulted from social media.
  • Increased visitors from social media via Facebook by 406.25%, Twitter by 25.93%, and Linkedin by 60%.
  • Reduced cost and expenses with a 95% approval rate from clients during website mockups.
  • Over 30+ website and counting of homepage mock-ups designed and produced (via HTML, CSS, PSD) for new clients.