Rethink Canada

Rethink is an independent creative agency, UX/UI & Art Direction work by yours truly


Rethink is an independent creative agency. It has been named Canada's Agency of the Year twice, once by Marketing Magazine (2003) and once by Strategy Magazine (2006). I was contracted for six-months full time, working in-house. During my time there, I've worked with clients such as: A&W, Shaw, Coors Light, and many more. Below is a curated collection of some work done during my time at Rethink with fellow talented individuals.

UX/UI Design

Rethink and A&W created a movement for "Better Ingredients". This was a tagline that recognized and guarantees A&W's ingredients are not affiliated in any way with chemical artificials such as antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. The A&W "Better Ingredients" campaign website had generated more website traffic than their very own A&W parent website, and was a huge success! With this success, I was tasked to continue their prosperity with a brand new campaign. This time, promoting their "Pork Guarantee". This responsibility meant a mobile-first approach in their existing web presence, aligning with the already set expectation of creatives both internally and externally, and pitching the work to the client myself.

Mobile, Homepage & Pork Guarantee Landing Page

Desktop, Homepage

Desktop, Pork Guarantee Landing Page


I delivered the work myself to the client, and they were incredibly impressed with the work with little to no feedback. It was an insanely huge success and the website is live as of today for your perusal.

Art Direction

Below are some work done for Rethink's clients, particularly ad campaigns. The work was composed of an intimate start-to-finish process, such as sketching creative concepts, collaborating on concepts with Writers, and finally, designing the actual digital ads myself. We would work closely with Art Directors ensuring that we're heading towards the right direction. From then, we would show the concepts and designs to our Creative Directors, eitheir to revise and/or to get their sign-off. Once a work has been signed off, we would pitch the work to our clients and ensure they're happy with both concepts and execution. If everything is all fine and dandy, I would then work closely with the developers with the designs, where they come in and do their wizardry, and voila—all the work comes to life.