Graphic Design Compilation

A compilation of graphic design work with my freelance clients and personal projects


Below are personal projects and work I've done with clients in my freelancing services. I get to work with a handful of different people from different jobs. Working with photographers, food nutrionists, musicians, the list goes on. The variety of clients from all different industries and fields makes collaborating with them so much more interesting, which brings fresh perspectives and ideas into the projects!

Featured Work

I've been privileged to have two of my graphic design work featured in two different websites, both with a large fan base and following.

1. The Root of All Evil - my two cents on how incredibly powerful and corrupted money can be to the human mind in today's society. The money itself is designed as a sharp object to represent how easily embedded it can be towards an individual. This girl who's in a euphoric trance state of mind symbolizes our society's greed through this pleasure.

This project was featured on Abduzeedo - an influential design blog with a large fan base of over 250,000+ followers on Twitter, 170,000+ followers on Facebook, and 50,000+ followers on Google+.

View it on Abduzeedo

2. Childhood of a 90's kid - vector illustrations done of bits and pieces of my memories growing up as a kid. Born in the 90's there were some pretty funky and interesting trends that I wanted to portray in an energetic visual medium.

This project was featured on The Omega Nerd - a gaming enthusiast blog with over 75,000+ followers on Tumblr and 300,000+ visits.

View it on The Omega Nerd

Daily UI Elements for 100 Days

This is a Dribbble challenge by Paul where designers are encouraged to create a new UI piece every single day. Below are my work on his challenge:

  • Day 001 - Login Form

  • Day 002 - Product Card

  • Day 003 - Dial Pad

  • Day 004 - Credit Card Payment

  • Day 005 - Music Player

  • Day 006 - Currency Status

  • Day 007 - Author Quote

  • Day 008 - Fitness Card

  • Day 009 - Recipe Card

  • Day 010 - Weather Widget

  • Day 011 - Calendar Card

  • Day 012 - Augmented Translator

Branding and Identity

Branding and identity work done for my clients with a variety in different industries.


Other client work, personal projects, and/or practicing new design methods and styles.