A SaaS platform which implements social media for contests, sweepstakes, and campaigns


Brightkit is a SaaS platform that lets user generated content into contests and sweepstakes through social media mediums. I was Brightkit's designer whose responsibility varied from helping them launch their new website, generating campaign mock ups for potential clients, constructing an e-mail newsletter template, and more. As you can see it was a job that had a variety of hats which is very common role and set of tasks in the startup field. In July 2014 Brightkit was acquired by Hootsuite, which is now known as Hootsuite Campaigns.

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  • Designed effective and relevant campaign and/or contest mockups to convert potential clients that were being pitched. We worked with some big name clients such as: car2go, BC Hydro, Dwayne Johnson, Denver Nuggets, UBC, and many more. Contents are user generated and campaigns are mocked to the client's branding and style.

  • Helped transition Brightkit's new main website in front-end coding. Also helped in injecting SEO tags and Google AdWords for better and higher rankings in search engines.

  • Both designed and developed a Brightkit 404 Error landing page if a user goes to the wrong and/or unavailable page in Brightkit.

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  • Constructed an e-mail newsletter template for existing clients to generate more traffic and conversion.

  • Produced a tutorial/how-to video in using the Brightkit app through Hootsuite.