Best Buy Canada Corporate Headquarters

User interface designer for Best Buy Canada


I was approached by Best Buy Canada with a job offer as their user interface designer. It was an incredibly fast-paced environment with tons of multitasking of projects and crucial time management skills. It was heavy in production, translating into lots of code and producing mockups to proof with the internal team of over 50+ people in various departments and proofing design mockups with big name brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Bose, Canon, GoPro, and many more.


  • Communicating with vendors and various departments to gain approval.
  • Meeting strict deadlines and working with bi-lingual content. Every work done on Best Buy must be translated to French and proofed as well. Again, time management skill was crucial.
  • Last minute changes or requests are common in the retail eCommerce field. Efficiency in producing work is absolutely essential.


  • Maintaining and producing Best Buy Canada's website, microsite, and app in a weekly basis using front-end code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

  • Assist in developing Best Buy's Black Friday SEO page for increasing conversion and awareness of the Black Friday Sale through front-end coding.

  • Proposed a new style banner concept for further customer engagement and increase in convertion of sales. Left banner are the old ones and the right banners are the proposed banners, aligning with Best Buy's style.

  • Producing marketing banners, product buying guide articles, and featured product articles, working with big name vendors such as Samsung, FitBit, GoPro, Beats, etc. Below is an example of the many "showcase" articles produced.

  • Live example

  • Helped brainstorm their onboarding program for new hires. I helped the senior designer and GUI's manager in constructing a plan for new onboarding designers for our team.