Excuse my incredibly long name—you can call me Nick.

I'm a designer who specializes in specifically UX/UI, utilizing data and big ideas. I approach my work with an analytical mind, crafting user-centric solutions, but never sacrificing elegant aesthetics. My work includes brands such as: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Shaw, A&W, NBA, and many more.

The tl;dr version of my story? I have been a part of five award-winning companies and have constantly set the bar for excellence in every given opportunity, ensuring we go above and beyond what the ask was. I've contributed my talents in a social media platform used by 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies with over 16+ million users at Hootsuite and one of Canada’s most respected and prestigious advertising agency at Rethink. I've been a vital member of Canada’s biggest e-commerce award-winning team at Best Buy and an award-winning web design agency at WittyCookie. It's been a privilege to have my work featured on websites such as Abduzeedo (with over 250,000+ followers on Twitter) and The Omega Nerd (with over 85,000+ followers on Tumblr).

Having said all that, what really keeps me going? Quite simply, solving problems—big and small. The whole cycle of research and exploring different ways to solve a challenge. Followed by measuring and studying the results of our tactics, then iterating smart design decisions based on data is a thing of a beauty. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than knowing that we kicked ass in a project together and with numbers to prove it.

Oh, and if you're still wondering on how to pronounce my last name, it's way easier than it looks!
Roll the R's for an authentic pronounciation (seriously).

Case Studies

A brief analysis of my work over the years.

Rethink Canada

UX/UI Design and Art Direction

Best Buy Canada

UI Design and Front End Development

WittyCookie Redesign

UX/UI Design

WittyCookie's 14-Day Trial

UX/UI Design and Front End Development

Miscellaneous Work

UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding

Getting to know me

I'm a geek, I love what I do, and life is pretty damn rad.

  • Travelling is good for the soul

    I've been to over 10+ countries and plan to explore more. Learning about the different history, culture, and food is exciting!

  • Design conferences are inspiring

    Whenever I get the chance, I'd often take the time to expand my perspective on design, and learn from other talented creatives.

  • I'm a LEGO nerd and I'm proud

    I have an unhealthy obsession and expense with LEGO. The collection ridiculously never stops growing (please help me stop).

  • Made in Indonesia

    Apa kabar? I moved to Vancouver when I was a tiny youngin' and loved it here so much that I decided to call it my home. #vancouverite

Let's create something great

I'm always open to ideas, opportunities, and collaboration! Let's get to know each other or pop by and say hello at: